What Is Criminal Sexual Conduct Third Degree?

This crime is defined as the sexual penetration of another person without that person’s consent. A conviction can also lead to lifetime sex offender registration. Penalties for CRIMINAL SEXUAL CONDUCT 3RD DEGREE can include prison time, a fine, or both. If you have any questions about this crime or need legal assistance, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

What Defines Sexual Contact In The Third Degree?

child sexual assault eau claire county wi with adolescents older than 13 or with disabled people is considered criminal sexual conduct 3rd degree. In any of the following situations, you could be convicted of third-degree felony sexual conduct, sometimes known as “forcible rape”:

  • An assault on a teenage boy or girl between 13 and 16 years of age.
  • Abuse or intimidation that leads to sexual exploitation.
  • Sexual assault on a person you know has a physical or mental impairment.
  • If you were a professional, consultant, or worker for the particular education system and took advantage of your position to have sex with the student or maintain a relationship with them, you committed forcible rape of a 16 to 18-year-old student.
  • You abused your authority as an official, consultant, teacher, or support worker to engage in sexual conduct with a specific education student between the ages of 16 and 26.
  • You were sexually assaulting a child under the age of 16 living in foster homes or a care facility while you were a worker, a vendor, a member, or a person with a permit to run the facility.

Sanctions For Third-Degree Unlawful Sexual Misconduct Offenses

You could spend up to fifteen years in jail if charged and convicted of third-degree profound sexual practices. The following are possible effects of having a long-term criminal background:

  • Obligations on where one can live
  • Being a sex offender, being fired, and the inability to obtain new employment
  • Not being able to find a rental home
  • Your professional license is being revoked.
  • Losing parental control over your kids

If you have previously been charged with rape, immoral acts, sexual relations, or sexual misconduct in any other state, you may also be liable to repeat offender punishment raises.


It is essential that you know your legal rights and what you can do to prevent an assault from happening. This blog has outlined some of the main charges for sex crimes attorney phoenix az in the third degree and potential defenses to tasks like these. No one should face a case alone, especially when there are legal options available that can help secure an acquittal or reduce penalties.