Truck Accidents in Houston: What Your Attorney Wants You to Know

Truck accidents are undesirable sights on Houston roads. They can result in traumatic injuries and change your lifestyle significantly. You can hold the responsible party liable after incurring injuries in a truck accident. However, this can be challenging without legal representation.

You then need a skilled truck accident lawyer to help you file a compensation claim and uphold your rights. There are various things to do and avoid after a truck accident. Here is what your attorney may want you to know.

Common causes of truck accidents in Houston

Trucks carry bulky loads of goods for long distances. They are much bigger than conventional cars, making them highly susceptible to accidents. The truck’s size can hinder the driver from seeing through the windscreen or rear, making collisions likely when truck drivers try to change lanes.

Big trucks also have a higher risk of rollover than small cars. Other causes of accidents include driver fatigue, drunk driving, poor road conditions, faulty trucks, etc.

 What to do after a truck accident

Your attorney will require certain information to commence your case. For instance, the lawyer will require evidence collected at the accident scene to help build a strong case. Therefore, take photos and videos and get a few witnesses who were present during the accident.

Also, obtain information about the truck and the driver’s contacts. The best truck accident lawyer Houston will use this to present the case to the jury and fight for

compensation for your damages.

Seek medical help immediately. Even if you don’t show signs of injury, you should get checked by a licensed medical doctor. Some injuries may not show any signs immediately but may bother you later.

Get appropriate medical records and receipts from the doctor, and share them with your attorney. Remember, the type and extent of injuries also matter when negotiating compensation, and the attorney will need accurate information.

A lawyer is vital in any truck accident case

After seeking medical assistance, the next vital step should involve be to hire a truck accident attorney. Navigating the case without a skilled lawyer can be time-consuming and challenging. Mostly, 18-wheeler accident evidence is found at the accident scene and should be preserved accordingly.

Cars that crash with trucks have data in black boxes, and an attorney will help download and preserve the information. They will use this to file a lawsuit and prove damages when negotiating compensation.

Who to sue after a truck accident

You should use the truck driver responsible for the crash if they violated road safety rules. Also, you sue the trucking company in case the truck is faulty. The firm should also be accountable for the negligent acts of its employees. Your attorney will negotiate with the trucking company’s insurance firm to compensate for your damages.

What amount of compensation is available

The amount of compensation depends on various factors. These are the type and extent of damages and who is at fault. Your attorney will examine your case, the evidence, and the injuries. They will then negotiate a suitable settlement depending on the different factors surrounding your case.


Truck accidents are common in Houston, and hiring the right truck accident lawyer makes it easy to navigate the claim process. They will handle most aspects of your case, allowing you adequate time to heal.