4 questions to ask when hiring a high net-worth attorney

As a high-net-worth client, you’ll want to ensure that the attorneys you hire are qualified. But you want them to have experience and expertise in their field and be someone who takes pride in what they do and treats clients with integrity and respect. Here’s a list of the questions to ask when hiring a high net worth attorney in Phoenix AZ

What are your credentials?

Credentials are important. The best attorneys have a lot of experience in their field and can provide sound advice based on their knowledge of the law. There are many different types of credentials, including academic degrees and diplomas; professional certifications; licenses or registrations; membership in professional societies (such as bar associations); publications and books written by attorneys; presentations at conferences or seminars; articles published in journals or magazines written by attorneys.

A high net worth attorney should be able to demonstrate that they meet minimum qualifications set forth by state bars, such as passing an examination administered by these organizations or holding an active license at the highest level allowed within each respective jurisdiction where they practice law.

How much time do you have to devote to the job?

This question is about how much time your attorney has available for the job at hand. You want to know if they’re in a position where they can dedicate their full attention or if they need other work commitments such as family and personal obligations that will prevent them from focusing solely on this client’s matter.

Of course, there are instances when an attorney can’t commit all of their time–but those situations should be noted in case it becomes necessary for one of your client’s needs, not just one attorney but two or three lawyers working together (possibly under different firm names).

Does your firm have an in-house finance department?

If the firm does not have an in-house finance department, it will have to outsource this work. While this may be an option for some firms, it can also lead to delays in responding to clients’ needs and may result in higher service fees.

A firm with an internal finance department can also save money because it can manage its cash flow more effectively than those who rely on outside vendors or brokers. They’ll also be able to provide better service based on their knowledge of how much money they have coming in each month versus what’s going out (and whether or not there are any pending invoices).

How do you treat your clients and employees?

One of the important things to consider when hiring a high net worth attorney in Phoenix AZ is how they treat their clients and employees. A good attorney will have policies in place for employee benefits, including healthcare coverage and retirement plans. They should also be able to answer all questions about the policies they have in place so that you know exactly what’s available for your family members or employees if something happens that requires medical attention.

It’s important not only how well a firm treats its clients but also how it treats its own employees–and vice versa! If an attorney has a reputation for being good with people or taking care of his/her staff well, this might make them seem like someone willing to help you out if something bad happens at work while on contract with them.


Hiring a high net worth attorney in Phoenix AZ is an important step in your business. It can make or break your company, and the right legal team can make all the difference in how well your business runs. However, hiring a high-net-worth lawyer isn’t always easy–especially if you’re just starting out or don’t have much experience with this type of work. So, ask these five questions to help guide your decision-making process.